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Strapping Machinery

Increase your throughput with high-performance machinery

Combine, stabilize and reinforce any package with our fully automatic or operator-cycled strapping machines. Whether you need to wrap small or large volume formats, our strapping solutions will offer a consistent and reliable performance.

Right tightness. Superior load stability.

What kind of strapping solution are you looking?

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We are the experts in packaging solutions since 75 years

We have analyzed 1,500+ production lines to help you optimize yours

Strapping for Every Need

Discover the strapping solution that's best for you

Semi-Automatic Strapping

Up to 32 cycles per minute

See Logix PakStrapper EXS-306

Fully Automatic Pallet Strapping

Up to 60 strapped pallets per hour

See Logix PakStrapper TP 733H

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