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Logix PakStrapper EXS-306 - Doverco






Logix PakStrapper

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

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29 cycles/minute

5 to 55 kg Tension

PP Strap Type


Reduce your labour and energy when it comes to your strapping. No need for clips, tensioners or sealers, the EXS-306 replaces all of those functions. All that is required is a person to take the outcoming strap, circle the package and feed the flap back into the machine to finish the entire operation. It boasts a constant strapping tension and an overall faster process to get all your strapping done with a minimum amount of fuss. Comfortable working height of 730mm (28.75").

Technical Specifications

Min. package size

60 mm

Max. package size

Any size

Strap Width

12 mm (1/2")

Tension Range

5 - 55 kg


895 mm L x 565 mm W x 740 mm H


100 kg

CSA or equivalent special inspection certified for insurance compliance liability

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