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Ares Sleeve Wrapper Bundler - Doverco







Sleeve Wrapper Bundler

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Two-Reel Packaging

700 - 3000 mm Product Width

600 mm Max. Product Height


The Ares sleeve wrapper bundler uses two reels of film that transversally seals to obtain a shrink-wrapped bag around the product. The bag, on the side, can be left open or sealed thanks to the double side sealers (4-seal machine). The Ares sleeve wrapper bundler machine can be automatic, semi-automatic and in line at 90°. This machine is useful for wrapping single products or multipacks, such as bottles, tins and cans. It is excellent for random packaging of products in different sizes.

Bundling Applications

Rugged and solid, automatic or semi-automatic bundler machine

  • Compact version for space and energy saving
  • Shrink Tunnel is always double chamber with double ventilator for metallic net cooling down and nicer shrinking quality
  • Available automatic carton pad feeder
  • All movement on linear Hiwin guides
  • Motorized sealing bar & pusher

The machine can be equipped with in line conveyor; 90° conveyor with pusher for higher speed, and for automatic multipack forming.

Semi-automatic version with pusher manually activated.

90° input. Available in various layouts with product entry from left to right.

Tools and Expert Help

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