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Packaging Machinery - Doverco


Increase Your Throughput

Discover High-Performance Packaging Machinery

Maximum Speed

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Can you increase your packaging ROI?

  • How much could you optimize your packaging line speed?
  • Could you maximize your product protection while keeping packaging costs and waste at a minimum?
  • How much cost could you save by reducing risk of product damage in transit?
  • It is time to reduce waste and minimize costly rejects in your production processes?
  • Could you expedite delivery time to drive your e-commerce business growth?
  • Could you enhance the customer experience with better packaging?

We have analyzed 1,500+ production lines to help to optimize yours.

Discover our full range of
high-performance packaging machinery

Stretch Wrappers

Wrapping safe-to-ship loads. Perfect containment force.

Wrap any heavy, light, tall or unstable load with our automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrapping solutions. Discover our turntables, rotary arms and orbital stretch wrappers that will offer efficient and safe palletisation.

See Stretch Wrappers


Carton Sealers

Less tape. More throughput.

Whether you have to seal uniform or random boxes, we offer a cost effective and highly efficient automatic and semi-automatic case sealers for a wide range of industries, including food and manufactured goods.

See Case Sealers

Strapping Machinery

Right tension. Superior load stability.

Combine, stabilize and reinforce any package with our fully automatic or operator-cycled strapping machines. Whether you need to wrap small or large volume formats, our strapping solutions will offer a consistent and reliable performance.

See Strapping Machinery


Case Coders. Touch Dry®

100% readable & GS1 compliant codes

Print codes and logos that never bleed or fade with Markem Imaje Touch Dry® coders. Whether you need to code your corrugate cases, trays or wrapping films , the Touch Touch Dry® coders offer a superior quality printing solution that will reliably meet your needs.

See Case Coders

Shrink Bundlers

Up to 50% reduction in packaging. Reduce overboxing.

Whether you need to shrink unsupported or tray-supported products, we offer different bundling systems to meet your packaging needs. Discover our full range of clear and printed film shrink bundlers and high efficiency tunnels.

See Shrink Bundlers


Inkjet Product Printers

Up to 20% reduction in consumable use and energy consumption.

Ensure that your product is coded right and repack minimized with the latest Markem Imaje inkjet printers. Code with confidence your best-before dates, lot numbers or marketing messages on any product.

See Printers

Do you need a custom packaging solution?


Tailored packaging solutions

We have built machinery to specification for diverse applications from pharmaceutical finished product wrapping to oversized roof panels. Lear about labour saving robotic integration.

Talk to a Packaging Specialist

Unlock your profitability in three easy steps

1. Get a free 720° analysis

We walk through your production facility and we will do an analysis of your purchasing patterns.

2. Get a proposal

Get a solution based on a ROI analysis with detailed specifications and a functional specification and validation plan.

3. Get profitable results

We will install your equipment and offer preventive maintenance to ensure equipment performance.

Enabling Custom Solutions

Solutions for better costs and productivity

No matter your industry Doverco packaging solutions could be combined with automatic inventory restocking, order management solutions and preventive maintenance programs to improve your operational efficiency.

Inventory Management Program

Get packaging supplies at your location on consignment. Replenish your packaging supplies on an agreed time cycle. Smooth your budget in line with your consumption.

Core Advantage Program

Customize your online ordering in your organization with, or without pricing shown. Get a requisition system to control costs that can funnel all requests to an authorizer. Control and track your expenses in the way that suits your business model.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Reduce machine downtime. Prevent unexpected machine breakdowns. Minimize unnecessary machine repair costs. Maximize your equipment’s resale value. Get preferred rental and loan rates.

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