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Smart Leasing Advantage - Doverco

The Smart Leasing Advantage

A financing solution to easily upgrade or buy packaging equipment

Preserve Cash Flow

Effective Tax Planning

Simplify your Budget Planning

Don’t have the budget?


Easy to own with us.

Whether you’re looking for buying, upgrading packaging equipment or a fleet of handtrucks, we can make things a little easier for you. At term, Doverco can offer you ownership of the equipment for a predetermined amount.

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Why you’ll like it

Repay at your own pace

We can create a great lease term that fits your needs. You can choose between 36 to 60 months to pay for purchase at very competitive lease rates.

Fast approval

You will receive feedback on your application within 48 hours by our financial partner.

An easy low noise transaction

A clear and easy application form and contract with automatic quarterly withdrawls. No extra administrative fees. Borrow just what you need, when you need it.

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