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Phoenix PRTW-2150 - Doverco






Phoenix PRTW-2150

Rotary Arm Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

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45 Loads/Hour

Unlimited Weight Capacity

56" x 56" Load Size


The Stretch Wrapper PRTW-2150 is designed to have the load wrapped from a stationary position while the stretch film carriage rotates the film around the load. This stretch film application is used for heavy, light or unstable pallet loads and washdown environments.

Rotary arm stretch wrapper for very heavy, unstable and tall pallet loads

Best in Class Flexibility c/w Keypad Control

  • 3 Pre-programmable wrapping cycles: Wrap up, Wrap up/down, Top Cover Pause
  • Variable speed control to match load stability

Easy Loading Powered Prestretch Film Carriage

  • Reduce film costs with 245% Prestretch (10" off the roll = 34" on load)
  • Phoenix “Clearview” door lets operator see carriage operating
  • Dual stage door lock with electrical interlock for operator safety
  • Chain drive prestretch for rugged construction

PRTW-2150 Wall Mount Frame Saves Space

  • There is no weight limit because the load sits on floor
  • Easier loading and no ramps
  • Load via forklift, pallet jack, electric walkie
  • Ideal for wash-down applications

Technical Specifications

Production Capacity

45 loads per hour

Maximum Load Weight


Maximum Load Size

56" x 56"

Frame Type

Cantilevered Frame


5 Year warranty

Tools and Expert Help

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