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Neleo 50 - Doverco




Semi-Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine

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170 rpm Rotation Speed

600 x 280 mm Conveyors

100 mm Film Width


The flexibility of the Neleo 50 permits wrapping products of several lengths, diameters and shapes without any adjustment. The Neleo 50 wrapper in your facility will increase productivity and save on labour. Let us show you how! Our specialists will help you determine which machine is the most suitable for your business.

Stretch Wrapping Applications

Technical Specifications

Double film reel dispenser head


Adjustable stretch film tension


Side gravity rollers


Safety foot switch


Variable ring rotation speed

170 rpm

Gravity roller conveyors

600 x 280 mm

Inverter / PLC

Fuji / Omron

Power supply

230 V I

Engine / Power consumption

0,36 Kw, 0,26 Kw

Air pressure

6 bars


Double automatic film cutter

Wheels with brake

Bubblewrap reel dispenser

Short products device <600 mm

Side gravity rollers “V” shape

Manual top press

Driven roller conveyors

Reel Dimensions

23 µ (a), 100 mm (b), 200 mm (c), 38 mm (d)

Tools and Expert Help

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