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Inkjet Printer 9330 - Doverco






Inkjet Printer 9330

Small Character Inkjet

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Medium | Low Speed

Up to 8000 Hours Coding

71 dpi Print Resolution


Designed for light to medium duty production lines, 9330 is a versatile cost-efficient inkjet that prints for more than 8,000 hours* non-stop. The specially developed Intelli’Ink portfolio ensures optimal coder performance and flexibility when coding different package materials. Its automatic cleaning system coupled with its Intelli’Jet technology provides clean, hasslefree start-ups and quality codes, every time.

Mark your future with quality coding, always. The versatile inkjet that grows with your company

Easy operation

Easy operation
Put it anywhere you need, thanks to its robust IP55 fully stainless steel design.

Easy to start up
Automatic printhead cleaning system makes start-ups simple and quick. Just plug it in and start printing, even after weeks of storage.

Easy to maintain
M6’ ink circuit can be changed in less than 6 minutes without spillage or waste.

Cost-efficient, best-in-class performance

The M6’, a smart all-in-one ink circuit, runs for over 8,000 hours*
No extra maintenance needed.

Consistent code quality, regardless of environmental conditions
Additive consumption cut by up to 50%**, thanks to latest generation hydraulic system.

Keeps TCO low
No set-up required with its innovative cartridge system design.

Long-term coding solution

Adjusts to your changing packaging types
Whatever packaging type you need to code now or in the future, this coder can do it: Plastics, cardboard, metal, foil, paper, glass etc. It even offers a competitively priced MEK-free solution.

Extended connectivity capacity
Easily links to the market-leading CoLOS® information management system so you can manage one or more coding devices through a single computer.


9330 Continuous Inkjet

The code you want to ensure safety and traceability


9330 Inkjet | Intelli’Ink portfolio

Optimal coder performance and flexibility when coding different package materials

Print Features

Mono-jet printhead


G head (printing resolution)

71 dpi

Lines of print

Up to 4 lines of print

Print speed

Up to 4.4 m/s

Maximum speed (7 dot high characters)

0.60 m/s (0.36 mm drop pitch for 4 lines)
1.01 m/s (0.36 mm drop pitch for 3 lines)

Font height

From 5 to 24 dots

Character height

From 1.8 to 8.7 mm

Wide choice of characters

Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Korean and more.

Tools and Expert Help

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