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P420 - Doverco




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Runs on reliable PLC platform

Longer Shelf Life

Maximum packaging performance


P stands for Performance and that's what the p-Series readily delivers today and far into the future. Modular body components are truly interchangeable giving the p-Series a long life that can include major line changes and product revisions. The Entire machine features stainless construction for excellent washdown exceeding IP69 cleanliness standards. Forming and Sealing die lifts utilize an amazing design to deliver powerful, even pressure. And all p-Series machine and safety features are controlled by a lightning fast PLC human machine interface (HMI) that is both user friendly and flexible.

The Advantages of Thermoform Packaging are:

  • Longer Shelf Life
  • More control over package sizes and shapes
  • Large number of products can be run on a single p-Series Thermoformer with unlimited die configurations
  • Lower packaging cost with film used as basic material
  • Reduced operating cost with few employees needed to operate
  • Minimal material storage cost, because packages in various shapes can be made off the same film rolls
  • Packages can easily be used for industrial or retail/consumer purposes
  • Maximum packaging performance


Vacuum, MAP, and Skin - Rigid and Flexible - All in One Machine!

Exceeds IP69 hygiene standards with a high RA (root average)

Runs on reliable PLC platform

Form infeed system without trapeze rollers

Hygienic design for an easy washdown

Comprehensive zone specific safety system controlled by the PLC uses less connection points and less wiring

Unique, yet simple and massively powerful die lift system

Mechanical direct-drive design - Servo-driven for high speed and accuracy

Smooth satin hand-finished skins

Truly modular design to future-proof production flexibility

Designed with lifecycle costs in mind

Post installation expandability easily grow sections or the whole machine as product demand changes

Designed to be shipped in sections for ease of shipment and installation

Technical Specifications

Maximum Index Length

Up to 650 mm / with preheating 350 mm max.

Loading Length

500 mm (minimum) / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 ~ 5000 mm (no max)

Discharge Length

750 mm (minimum) / 1500 / 2250 / 3000 / 3750 mm (no max)

Draw Depth

100 / 135 / 185 mm

Forming Width of Top Web

423 mm (Tolerance + / - 1mm)

Film Roll Diameter

400 mm (standard) / 1500 mm (jumbo)

Roll Core

76 mm (3") standard / Adapter for 152 mm (6") available

Power Supply

(As Required) 220/400/460V • 3 ph • 50/60hz

Compressed Air

Min. 7 bar @ 850 I/min.

Tools and Expert Help

Have questions? Talk to an expert 1.800.363.0697