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Gravity - Doverco






Logix Flexmaster Series

Gravity Roller and Skate Wheel Conveyors

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These units provide a safe, easy way to move goods within a production line, from truck to dock (or dock to truck) and many other applications. With one unit you can cover a multitude of length requirements, even turn corners adapting to every circumstance. Longer units provide the opportunity to return finished goods to the operator by forming a closed loop to reduce manpower.

Why Buy Flexmaster Conveyors?

  • Cantilevered end sections can reach right up to machinery or inside trucks
  • End stops available to prevent products from free falling or use to regulate in-flow
  • Simply lift the end-stop slightly and release for through flow
  • Easy rolling 4" Ø braked casters provide quick and easy flexibility and sturdy safe operation
  • Extra large height adjustment handles allow adaptability for a range of ergonomic working heights 26" - 38"
  • Extra reinforcing bars ensure stability

Steel Wheel Series

  • 1.5" Ø smooth running steel skate wheels
  • 150 lb load capacity
  • Skate wheels are self-tracking which eliminates the need for guard rails
  • Skate wheel conveyors are more flexible and conform to almost any layout
  • Fully collapsible for more compact storage

Poly Roller Series

  • 1.75" Ø smooth running ABS poly roller wheels
  • 250 lb load capacity
  • Use roller conveyors for easier flow of heavier objects and for irregular cartons or bags that could get caught on a skate wheel

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