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STAR EVO SS Top Sealing Flowpack

Shrink Wrapping

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The STAR EVO SS is a compact, simple and flexible flowpack machine which covers a vast range of packaged products including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastic, food, electrical products, industrial and household products and many others. With a fixed rotating, intermittent or box motion bar for simple sealing, the STAR EVO SS reduces film consumption and produces aesthetically pleasing results making it a great choice for the food sector. This top sealing machine wraps flat film (Polypropylene) completely around the product. The two sides of the film are merged and are sealed above the product, which results in film savings due to the machine producing tight packaging around the product.

Modern machine design allows for increased accessibility, and allows access from both sides of the machines thanks to the 3-position operator station and rotating touch screen

  • 3 Position operator station and rotating touch screen
  • High quality components, ISO certificated
  • Film saving
  • Structure allows easy accessibility to the machine
  • Excellent design for maintenance and cleaning
  • Available in painted and stainless-steel versions
  • Create a customised machine via the list of optional features
  • Available in intermittent, Box Motion and Rotary Seal Bar Version

The flowpack machine is equipped with a top sealer (reel from the bottom)

The forming triangle is motorized and adjustable using the touch screen

Single film unit as standard; double film dispenser with sealing bar for a fast film change as optional

Technical Specifications



Width of Sealing Bars

300mm - 800mm

Max Product Width

200mm - 700mm

Max Product Length

30mm - Endless

Max Product Height

0mm - 400mm

Flat Film Width

700mm - 1900mm

Reel Diameter

300mm - 350mm

Electric Supply

400V 50/60Hz (other voltages available on request)




6 bar

Working Height

900 +/- 50mm


650 kg - 850 kg

Speed – Intermittent

40 pp min.

Speed - Box Motion

80 pp min.

Speed - Rotative Bar

200 pp min.

Tools and Expert Help

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