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BEL Handle Application Machines - Doverco




BEL Handle Application Machines

Shrink Wrapping

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Up to 100 products/minute

High quality components

Excellent design


BEL automatic handle application machines give added value by applying a handle to the single or multipack packaged product, for a safe, strong and convenient grip. The BEL series of handle applicators are used for packages wrapped in shrink film, on cardboard boxes, or other packaged products with a rigid consistency. The BEL machines can work with pre-made handles or made-to-measure handles, and are excellent for applying handles to multipacks of bottles (milk, water, oil), trays of cans (coke), stacks of A4 paper, or rolls of single or multipack products such as kitchen paper, etc.

4 models available and they respectively enable up to 25, 40, 60, 80 packs/minute, based on the dimensions of the pack

  • Open and accessible structure
  • High quality components, ISO certificated
  • Can be integrated with most packaging lines
  • Excellent design for maintenance and cleaning
  • Special versions for higher speeds up to 100 products/minute

Adjustable speed and formats

Double reel holder for adhesive tape

Fast format change with metric rulers

Technical Specifications



Machine Speed

25 - 90 pcs/min

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)

2660mm x 1055mm x 2155-2315mm - 4155mm x 1055mm x 2155-2315mm

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