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Packaging Supplies - Doverco


Simplify Your Procurement

Discover Cost-Effective Packaging Supplies

Less invoicing

Reduce consumption

More profit from every product

Can you increase your procurement ROI?

  • How much freight cost could you reduce with new optimized supplies?
  • How much invoice processing cost could you minimize by consolidating your procurement SKUs?
  • Do your current procurement costs reflect your purchasing volume?
  • How much last minute scrambling and downtime could you avoid by having supplies on consignment?

We have analyzed 1,500+ production lines to help to optimize yours.

Discover our full range of
cost-effective packaging supplies

Shrink Film

Strong clarity. Best protection.

Whether you need to secure primary packaging or unitize secondary packages, our shrink films could save up to 60% in costs.

Explore Shrink Film


Stretch Wrap Film

More loads. Better yield.

Whether you need cast or blown film for in-line wrapping systems or hand application, our stretch films will guarantee superior load retention, puncture resistance and cost efficiencies. Take advantage of our technical evaluation process.

Explore Stretch Wrap Film

Protective Packaging Materials

Light weight. Low freight costs.

Whether you need to cushion your product, fill space in your packages and limit shifting during transport, we have many options of structurally reinforced lightweight materials.

Explore Packaging Materials


Packaging Tape

Superior adhesion. Tamper-evident packages.

Whether you need a tape for machine or hand application, we have all the high-quality types of tapes - PVC, polypropylene with either acrylic or hot melt adhesive, and reinforced gummed paper tapes.

Explore Packing Tape


Right tension. Superior load stability.

Whether you need strapping for machine or hand application, we offer a variety of types and sizes, colors and break strengths.

Explore Strapping


Printing & Coding Consumables

Advanced inks. Codes won’t rub off.

Code your products with confidence. With a high level of adhesion and contrast, the Markem-Imaje inks will prevent scrapped or repack product due to unreadable codes.

Explore Printing Consumables

Enabling Custom Solutions

Solutions for better costs and productivity

No matter your industry Doverco packaging solutions could be combined with automatic inventory restocking, order management solutions and preventive maintenance programs to improve your operational efficiency.

Unlock your profitability in three easy steps

1. Get a free 720° analysis

We walk through your production facility and we will do an analysis of your purchasing patterns.

2. Get a proposal

Get a solution based on a ROI analysis with detailed specifications and a functional specification and validation plan.

3. Get profitable results

We will install your equipment and offer preventive maintenance to ensure equipment performance.

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