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Argon Bundler Machine - Doverco





Bundler Machine

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Up to 25 Multipacks/Minute

3000 mm Max. Bag Width

600 mm Max. Bag Height


The Argon Bundler machine is engineered for multipacks with stacking without waste. The flat film reel, thanks to the “tie” system, completely wraps the product by sealing the two flaps on the top or on the bottom. The motorized seal bar seals and cuts on the front and back. Its touch screen enables any operator to change format in a simple manner (recipe-based). The Argon bundler can be equipped with different stacking or grouping systems (stacker, diverter, etc.). This bundler can pack products in plastic, polystyrene, tissue, EPS, single or multipack.

Rugged and solid, automatic or semi-automatic bundler machine

  • Available in fully automatic or semi-automatic version
  • Center-folded or flat film with the possible addition of a splicer
  • Loading system and multipack creation based on product dimensions and adaptable to the various types of products
  • Maximum width of bag 3000 mm, height up to 600 mm

Canter level and accessible from both sides. File dispenser unit with trolley to facilitate loading.

Automatically adjustable forming tunnel. Format can be saved and programmed. Change format from recipe.

Movements are managed and controlled by a servo-motor to ensure precision, reliability and minimum maintenance. Change format without using tools.

Tools and Expert Help

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